Ev. Lutheran Church of Our Saviour, Stone Harbor

Our Centennial Year 1914 - 2014

Timeline of Events
1913 - Sunday School officially organized; Union Church Club, women's group started, with aim to furnish interdenominational weekly services
1914 - Congregation votes to organize a Lutheran church, establish bylaws and adopt a constitution; the church is incorporated as "Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Saviour of Stone Harbor"
1915 - Present location at 93rd Street and Third Avenue is purchased; church is dedicated two years later; summer prayer program leads to Assembly by the Sea and Bible School
1920s - Dr. D. Upton Blair becomes first pastor

1930s - Rev. Morris C. Walker becomes pastor; pipe organ is installed in sanctuary
1940s - First parish hall built; Election Night suppers held; Union Church Club becomes Lutheran Church Women, renovation to chancel and Sunday School Room (current choir room) added
1950s - Present parsonage built at corner of 92nd Street and Third Avenue
1960s - Rev. John Spindler becomes pastor; 50th Anniversary celebrated; Lutheran liturgy incorporated into service; Women for Service started
1970s - Renovations on sanctuary; numerous stained glass windows added
1980s - Rev. Glenn F. Schoenberger becomes pastor; present parish hall constructed; Our Saviour becomes part of the new ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America)
1990s - Refurbishment of sanctuary and organ;
80th Anniversary celebrated; Lutheran Men in Mission started
2000s - Parish Nursing program established; Blueberry Festival started; mission statement adopted
2010s - Grow With Us campaign adds to and upgrades church facilities; 100th Anniversary planned


The year 2014 marks the 100th Anniversary of the incorporation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Saviour in Stone Harbor, NJ. 

In 1910, Mrs. Anna Salvesen invited the children of the town to her son's birthday party as a means of starting a weekly Sunday School. From that beginning, a group of women organized weekly interdenominational services.

Rev. Silas Dougherty, Synodical Superintendent of the Synod of Eastern Pennsylvania, visited Stone Harbor with the view of studying the community to determine the need of a Lutheran church.  Thirty-two members enrolled for membership and the church was incorporated on October 14, 1914.  In the past 100 years, four ministers have permanently served the congregation.

A summer Bible conference, known as Assembly-By-The-Sea, ran from 1918 till 1952 and was the predecessor of our current Vacation Bible School. 

Over the past century, the faithful members of Our Saviour have worked diligently to continue to serve the community in faith. In the words of the dedication from the 50th anniversary, "this celebration is respectfully dedicated to the past members of The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Saviour, for we are laboring upon that which they built; and to the present members, because we are now laboring for a church for our children; and to our future members, for our children will only have the kind of church we give them."

 Monthly Events to Celebrate

Our Saviour Lutheran Church will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2014 alongside the Borough of Stone Harbor's celebration. 

What's planned is as follows:
Monthly thematic celebrations with exhibits and special programming followed by special coffee hours, except for the summer months.
All in 2014, all on Sundays, at the church at 93rd and Third Ave.
January 12  - Ministers of Our Saviour
Click here to read the Anniversary Moment for January
February 9 - Church Facilities
Click here to read the Anniversary Moment for February
March 9 - Sunday School
Click here to read the Sunday School presentation for March
April 13 - Music Program
Click here to read about a Century of Music at Our Saviour
May 18 -  Confirmation - Click here to read an introduction by Kirstin Logan.
June 8 - Weddings - Click here to read the introduction presented by Diane Young.
July 13 - Women's/Men's Programs, Annual Blueberry Festival
August 10 -  Vacation Bible School - Click here to read the Anniversary Minute for VBS presented by Kathy Schoenberger.
September 14 - Baptisms - Click here to read the introduction presented by Susan Walton.
October 19 - Centennial Service with Bishop Tracie Bartholomew presiding followed by a celebration luncheon honoring all members at Stone Harbor Yacht Club.

Click on the following link and then the arrow to view pictures of the Centennial luncheon.



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